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Tracy Raymond is a writer, content creator, and visual storyteller.

Tracy is an Indie-published Amazon bestselling novelist and a digital content creator who uses social media marketing to build her author brand online.

In this digital portfolio, I’m including examples of work I’ve done in support of my author brand (Pandora Spocks). Over the years, I have consistently used carefully chosen hashtags, keywords, and thoughtful social media content to build my SEO. If you Google “Pandora Spocks Author,” everything that comes us is me. Click the headings below to see samples of my work.

Author Newsletter

I started this email newsletter in 2016. There are currently over 1,300 subscribers. The average open rate is 40%, with an average click rate of 8.7%.

Medium Article

A few years ago, I posted several articles on Medium. These posts ranged from publishing tips to social commentary.

Author Blog Post

I started my author blog on WordPress in September 2014. I have over 8,600 subscribers. I currently use this blog to post excerpts from my books.

Book Trailer

This book trailer is for my romantic suspense novel, Midnight Cove, published in 2019. I created the video using Adobe Spark, and I used free images and video clips from The music is from YouTube’s free music audio library. I created the cover image on Canva.


These are examples of graphics I’ve created using Canva and Bookbrush.